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Create a openly editable datastore on Ethereum.
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OpenMarketCap - Cryptocurrency prices

OpenMarketCap (OMC) fetches data for over 1000 cryptocurrencies. Track Grin prices on exchanges, Bitcoin prices, and more. OMC is built on DIRT and is a transparent data source for crypto markets.
Visit the DIRT developer portal or watch the DIRT Youtube video to get started. DIRT opensources what we build and you can see on the DIRT Github repo. We welcome your contributions to improve DIRT.


What is DIRT

DIRT allows anyone to deploy a datastore on Ethereum that is openly editable. We call this a Community Moderated Datastore (CMD) because there is no single owner. All the data is community owned and managed, and any service or application can use the data in a CMD.

How DIRT works

DIRT built on the ideas of a token curated registry (TCR) to help communities maintain their CMD quality as follows:

  • Write data: To write to a CMD, users stake tokens. The required token stake is unique to each datastore and set at the time of creation. As long as the data is saved in the datastore, the tokens are staked with the data. This prevents spam by requiring every writer to have skin in the game.
  • Edit data: If someone comes across an error while using DIRT, they can flag the error and earn staked tokens for incorrect data as a bounty. Changes on DIRT are decided by token weighted votes. Any DIRT token holders can vote to accept or reject the proposal. After the vote ends, voters in the majority earn tokens while those in the minority are penalized.
During the beta, anyone can try DIRT with tokens from the DIRT faucet. We opensource what we build and you can view the DIRT repo on Github.


At a time where there are increasing questions around bias, fake news, and questionable sources, DIRT was started to empower communities to moderate and have a say in the data they use. The wiki-nature of a CMD enables instant and continuous quality control by allowing anyone to participate.
Visit OpenMarketCap to see an application built on DIRT. OpenMarketCap tracks cryptocurrency prices and is a transparent and trusted source of data.
Reasons to use DIRT:


Trust as a service - A differentiator for any service is now trust. Because anyone can verify the data and have an economic incentive to fix bad data, users can trust the data stored in a CMD. For example, if there is a list of exchanges and their reputation scores, exchanges have a high incentive to bribe the curators to have a higher ranking. With a black box methodology, it is hard to know if the data is reliable. A CMD removes the likelihood of single party manipulation by allowing a community of users vested in the data's accuracy to collectively keep the data up-to-date.


Secure data on Ethereum - Storing data on-chain provides an additional level of security against scammers and against censorship. For example, if you are running an initial coin offering, create a CMD and record the official contribution address on-chain. Even if your website is hacked, you can prevent your users from being scammed.


Free to use - Data in the 21st century is like oil in the 20th century - an immensely valuable asset that is critical to the economy. Unfortunately most data is privately held and expensive to acquire. This creates data silos, limits competition, and stifles creativity. DIRT aims to make structured data about the world freely accessible to allow new applications to emerge.



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